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Beyond BIM

Enable true lifecycle management that synchronizes designs with clients' needs. 

Revit® + Archibus

Empower better building information modeling that ties back to enterprise databases.

AutoCAD® + Archibus

Easily deliver reports on and update drawings, while sharing design-rich information with others.

AutoCAD® + Archibus

Populate AutoCAD drawings with facilities data in the easiest and most affordable manner.

Archibus and Autodesk’s BIM-related products have been at the center of our strategy to bring the project model and asset operations together. The investment Autodesk is making in iOFFICE + SpaceIQ will fully bring BIM to building operations, which is so important to the digital transformation of building operations and the future of the built world.

Takaaki Miyauchi, Senior Manager, Construction Digital Promotion Department
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PREss release

iOFFICE + SpaceIQ Announces Strategic Investment by Autodesk

The strategic investment by Autodesk in iOFFICE + SpaceIQ will provide integrated solutions that give businesses unequaled ability to analyze and optimize all aspects of their real estate and mission-critical assets.


Bridging the Building Lifecycle Gap: How technology is connecting AEC & operations

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion about how expanded building lifecycle capabilities enable greater digital transformation in building operations.


Smarter facility decisions through unified design and operations data

With the native integration between Autodesk’s AEC Collection and iOFFICE + SpaceIQ’s Archibus IWMS, building owners and operators have a more seamless way to be successful throughout a building’s lifecycle.