Digital Twins

Get the Most Out of Your Built Environment

Digital twin technology is becoming more prevalent as the need to track and manage facility data throughout the entire lifecycle grows. Dynamic, virtual workplace representations allow organizations to leverage actionable data that affects almost every aspect of their businesses.

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like Archibus helps connect Building Information Modeling (BIM) with facility management data. With the Archibus Smart Client Extension for Revit, you can convert raw data into graphics and data from a project's BIM, which Archibus utilizes for real estate, infrastructure, and facility asset lifecycle management. The result is:

Greater Coordination and Collaboration​
A single project file means all stakeholders, even those on disparate teams, have access to project file data.

Increased Efficiency​
A single model reduces manual tasks, which allows teams to work on single project and merge changes. ​

Higher Accuracy​
All floors are stored in a single model. When new information is uploaded, it is used throughout the entire model - saving time and fostering consistency. It also enables virtual testing of design concepts and error detection​.

Reduced Administrative Tasks​
The need for external documentation is eliminated because all pertinent information is contained in the project file.

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