Connect planners, managers and workers to one system for right-sizing your workplace around the needs of your people.

Group your teams to maximize space and foster collaboration. Deploy share seating neighborhoods and hot-desking to enhance flexibility and increase real estate capacity.


Optimize space use across sites with visual block and stack planning, as well as utilization intelligence from badges, sensors, and other  IoT devices.


Enhance operational ROI with Preventive Maintenance to prioritize your  budget around critical needs and avoid costly reactive maintenance.


Inform capital planning with a centralized view of your asset inventory, depreciation schedules, and other critical lifecycle information.


Enhance lease/buy decisions with a comprehensive view of operational and capital expenses across your entire real estate portfolio.



Archibus offers the industry's most innovative solutions for evolving your organization towards a complete workplace strategy, with greater opportunity at every step. See early ROI with a simple deployment, and enhance your returns as you build deeper intelligence and deploy more powerful optimization tools.

More than 40% of the Top 100 Research institutions in the United States trust Archibus.

What people are saying

"In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction and improving reporting transparency, we accomplished another very important goal: we enhanced the reputation of the facilities department itself."

Maureen McGinn
Technical Services Manager

"(Our implementations) have delivered savings of $60,000 annually, and are helping us meet our Service Level Agreements with a 93% success rate."

Joey St. Jacques
Facilities Supervisor

"Archibus is saving money for us in many ways, by more accurately tracking our assets as well as their condition and costs, identifying surplus space, improving management of our fleet of vehicles, and aiding safety and business continuity by responding to emergencies more effectively."

Ralph Linne
Director of County Facilities

"The ability to report on accurate project details gave management greater confidence in the group’s ability to manage more money. So over the last 5 years the budget increased from $5-7 million a year to over $40 million annually."

Dave Carew
Real Estate Resources Manager

"With 960 of our 991 buildings now in our database, we’re looking forward to capturing the data on the final 31 buildings in our portfolio to create a single, unified campus."

Sarina Xue

"Now we’re actually dynamic, so we can now see the money that we’re spending and its direct effect on our buildings."

Tim Lambert
Senior Project Manager

"Team Space enables Illumina to cleanly create neighborhoods for more than 1:1 seating and capacity models. I can create a ratio to increase my density of capacity and assign all team members to that neighborhood… Team space also allows me to cleanly view the data and continue to forecast space utilization and projections."

Jenny Durbin
Sr. Manager Facilities Planning & Innovative Workplace

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