What's New: Archibus V25.4

We understand that bringing your employees back to the office safely is a priority. That is why we continue to add features to help you do so. In Archibus V25.4, we have added the ability for facility managers to:

  • Limit bookings on any floor to reduced capacity targets
  • Restrict hotel desk reservations after capacity is reached
  • Limit users to no more than one booking for the same period
Other features introduced in this latest release include the ability to:
  • Create user-defined fields for equipment and equipment standards
  • Access checklists in the Maintenance Console
  • Manage and update move projects with an easy-to-use interface

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Reduce Facility Costs

Go from reactive to proactive to standardize all of your operations on a system that informs planning and streamlines response time. Invest your budgets to avoid waste from costly neglect, and prioritize the resources you value most.

Optimize Your Space

Reduce your real estate footprint by consolidating your space around the needs of the people within it. Ensure an accurate view into how space is occupied, target inefficiencies, and execute large move projects.

Elevate Your Experience

Plan a workplace that inspires employees, while connecting people to their environments through mobile technology. Enhance service satisfaction with transparency into the needs of your occupants.

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Archibus in a COVID-19 World

Facility Managers and Corporate Real Estate leaders are now facing the steep challenge of taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of employees in the office.  These are unpredictable times, but that doesn’t mean we have to fly blind and hope for the best. Organizations are mitigating health risks by getting proactive in how they deal with them, and smart in how they use technology to enhance their edge. Archibus can help you keep a strategic eye on health risks, physical distance, and preparedness. 

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